The Bloom

AKA: The Veteran Practitioner

I know what you’re thinking...


“I have spent so much time working on my website, my social media and my other marketing and I’m still not getting the bookings that I need! What is wrong?”


I hear this a lot and I get it…nothing is more frustrating than pouring your heart and soul into your business - a business that you are deeply passionate about - only to hear the deafening sound of…silence. 


Do any of these sound familiar?


  • You’ve hit a brick wall. You know SOMETHING isn’t right with your website, your marketing, your words…something… but you JUST. DON’T. KNOW. WHAT. On top of it, you have absolutely no idea what to do to fix it. 

  • You’ve tried fixing what you think is wrong, but you haven’t had any success and now you’re worried that maybe you’ve made it all that much worse. 

  • You’ve spent hundreds (or thousands) of dollars and who-knows how much time taking marketing classes and webinars, reading books, and watching videos and you are more confused than ever. SEO, CPC, MQL?!? What does all of this mean and why, WHY, does marketing have to be so complicated?

  • You’ve hired an ad agency to handle your marketing for you…only to discover your Account Manager and the Creative Team know absolutely nothing about your practice or the wellness industry, don’t really want to learn about it, and propose ethically questionable ideas that may work great in other industries but that you know will fly in the face of everything you stand for. Oh, and did we mention they think you’re a cash cow, with an unlimited budget? *shakes head*


It’s all so overwhelming. But there is a better way.


You’ve tried your hand at marketing your practice, haven’t seen the results or success you need, and are more than ready for a new approach.


So let me help you get started in the right direction today. 


Simple changes to your strategy can make all the difference. 


Here are just a few examples of what we can do for your practice:


  • Conduct a full brand and content marketing audit on EVERYTHING you’ve done, so you can be sure all of your messages compliment each other and work together.

  • Completely makeover your existing website, if applicable, or do a thorough edit to be sure your messaging is current and spot on.

  • Overhaul your SEO so your website is easier to find on Google - naturally, without having to pay thousands for ads.

  • Refresh your brand with new logos, updated imaging across all platforms, and new taglines.

  • Update your blog and social media to ensure your posts are driving traffic to your website, are shareable, and relevant. Create an easy to follow content calendar to get you posting consistently and with great content. We’ll create, post, and manage all of this too, if that’s what you prefer!


Does any of this sound like exactly what you need?


The opportunity to right the wrongs, get a fresh perspective on your practice and offload a little (or a lot) of marketing-induced stress? 


Think about your practice 8…12…16 weeks from now.


It can be exactly as it is right now and your stress and frustration levels can be higher than ever. OR, envision this: your website looks AMAZING, your marketing is actually working for you while you sleep and…you’ve got bookings, baby!


Remember, all of our marketing and business consulting service packages are fully customized for each individual practitioner. Your business is unique...why should you follow a one-size-fits-all approach? 


After all, marketing doesn’t have to be hard, expensive or disingenuous. It just has to be done. 


And turns out?


We know exactly what to do.


Ready to get started? Reach out anytime or click the button below.