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Worried about hiring someone online who you've never met? 

We get it. Doing business with a complete random stranger you found on the internet is always a little nerve racking. Correction: it's VERY nerve racking. There are so many unknowns, not the least of which is feeling confident that you can trust who you hire to do a great job. You work so hard for your money and you need to know that whoever you bring into the fold will have your business's best interest at heart. 

As a small business ourselves, we understand the unique needs of independent practices and we promise to always treat your budget and your business as if it's our own. Always. 


But, hey, don't take our word for it! Our happy clients say it the best...

"I knew I needed help with my marketing, but I didn’t think I could afford to hire anyone. Kimberly worked with my budget and came up with some really creative solutions that did the trick."

- David M. 

"I just started my practice and was very overwhelmed trying to figure out how to begin marketing it. Kimberly did a bunch of research and wrote a marketing plan that I can actually follow."

- Chris L. 

"I hired Kimberly to write all the pages on my new website. She did a great job AND finished before the deadline!"

- Anne R. 

"I was tired of spending a bunch of time blogging and updating my practice's social media and not seeing results. Kimberly took all of this off my plate and her posts have really helped get more clients to visit my website."

- Dana B.


"I've had some really, really bad experiences with agencies in the past. A lot of times they treat you like a number, ignore your budget and are hard to get ahold of when you need them. Working with Kimberly was like a breath of fresh air. She was really responsive, did what I asked and did it right. Really happy."

Paul S. 

"Since I hired Kimberly to update my website I’ve had nothing but compliments on how great it looks. She did a super job and I highly recommend her."

- Kathy M. 

"After 15 years in business I felt like my studio's look was starting to get dated. Kimberly re-did all of my marketing and it looks amazing! I could never have done this on my own and I wouldn't want to."

- Jen P. 

"Kimberly is a health nut, just like me. She understands what my clients want to hear because she IS a client. Working with someone who 'speaks the same language' was very valuable and helped me get my message across."

- Brian N. 

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