The Premium BrandTransformation

Best for: The Ultimate Overhaul

“My head is spinning. I’m so confused, totally overwhelmed and I have NO CLUE what to do next.”


Sound familiar? I’ll bet you can identify with at least one of the following…


  • You’ve seen the ads for you-don’t-even-know-how-many online software programs that promise you don’t have to be a graphic designer to create an amazing website, advertisement or social media post and you’ve given it a go, but everything still looks…amateurish. And you spent SO.MUCH.TIME. working on them. 

  • You’re frustrated, because the last blog post you wrote took HOURS out of your busy day and you hear you’re supposed to post 16 times a month (16?!?!). How are you supposed to do that, along with everything else you need to get done? Is it even worth it?

  • You’ve read one too many technical articles about SEO, PPC, MQL, CRM and a million other marketing acronyms that make zero sense. Not only do you not understand what they mean, you have no idea how to implement them. Or why you even need to in the first place.

  • You’ve watched another practitioner launch an incredible website, gain thousands of followers on social media seemingly overnight and grow their practice so fast they can’t keep up with all of the bookings. You just can’t comprehend how they do it all so unbelievably well.

  • You’re disheartened because no matter how much you know you need professional help, you just don’t have the five-figure budget to hire an ad agency to transform your marketing. 


Why does this have to be so hard?!?


The truth is: it doesn’t. 


I completely understand. Chances are, you are one of the best practitioners in the business - you’re great at what you do but you’re not so great at marketing. You don’t have the time, the energy or the desire to figure it all out. And that’s ok. That’s where we come in.


Richten Consulting’s Premium Brand Transformation was built especially for you - an independent health and wellness practitioner who is in need of an extreme marketing makeover, needs to build a strong foundation for the years to come and has no idea where to start. 


Over the course of our 12 weeks we will: 


  • Build a brand new website. No edits, no tweaks. A 100% brand new website custom built for your business.

  • Optimize your SEO so your new website quickly gets found on Google - without shelling out big bucks for advertising.

  • Conduct a full brand and content marketing audit on EVERYTHING you’ve done, so you can be sure all of your messages compliment each other and work together.

  • Relaunch your blog to compliment your new website. We’ll keep the best and most popular of your old posts and edit or retire the rest. Don’t have a blog yet? We’ll set one up for you.

  • Create an easy to follow 6 month blog schedule to get you posting consistently and with great content. We’ll even include your first 12 posts, written and uploaded for you.

  • Design an irresistible lead magnet to increase your email marketing list in no time.

  • Set up vital email automation systems and schedules so you can set it and forget it. We’ll get you started with your first two month’s worth of emails and provide custom templates to keep you going strong.

  • Create a viable press list along with an unbeatable initial press release, first two pitches to get you on the radar of the media and 3 additional story ideas for you to follow up with.

  • Provide 365 social media ready posts and a corresponding content calendar so you can take advantage of social media without spending all of your time trying to figure out what to post when.

  • Refresh your brand with our premium branding package including a new logo (with your choice between 5 design concepts), full collateral suite (including keepable business cards that standout amongst a sea of boring, letterhead, envelopes, notecards and invoices), trifold brochure or rack card, and postcards.

  • Design 4 editable print advertisements in the most common sizes, along with easy to follow instructions on how to tailor them to your exact needs. (Just to clarify: we are happy to handle the ad placement for you, negotiate the cost on your behalf and advise you as to the value of the ad but please understand: the cost of any and all advertisements you place are your financial responsibility. Due to the extremely subjective nature of advertising, it is impossible for us to include the cost of the actual ads themselves in the price of the Premium Transformation.) 

  • Create two unique and effective direct mail campaigns to get you in your targeted audience’s mailbox. (One more asterisk and we promise no more fine print: the cost of printing and postage is, like advertising, wildly subjective and therefore not included in the price of the Premium Transformation.) 

  • Conduct a thorough competitive analysis and provide strategic advice so you can earn more of the market share you deserve. 

  • Craft a 3 year marketing plan for both your online and offline marketing that’s easy to follow, easy to update and even easier to automate as you get busier and busier.

  • Write, research and assemble a custom business plan you can take to the bank -literally. 


Excited yet?


This package was designed to be the ultimate game-changer. It was designed to take you from 0 to 60 in a relatively short period of time with the least amount of stress, so you can focus on what really matters to you - your clients. 


Ready to get started?


Our Premium Transformation package is $7,200, with additional add-ons available only at your request. We’re not an ad agency - we won’t get you in the door and then try to nickel and dime you at every turn. Everything we listed above is included in the price. Plain and simple. 


To make it easier on your budget, we’re splitting the payments into 4 - an initial deposit of $1,800 to book, $1,800 at the four-week mark, $1,800 at the 8-week mark and $1,800 when we complete the transformation.


Due to the substantial time commitment of the Premium Transformation, this package is available on an extremely limited basis - we work with just four Premium Transformation clients each year. If you are eager to start your Transformation soon, we strongly suggest you book now to avoid being waitlisted for a considerable period of time. 


When you book, you’ll simply submit your deposit and then you’ll receive a confirmation receipt from us instantly. At that point, we’ll reach out to schedule a call and pick a date to start running our marketing marathon. 


After all, marketing doesn’t have to be hard, expensive or disingenuous. It just has to be done. 


And turns out?


We know exactly what to do.


P.S. Want to talk to us first before you book? Sure thing! Here’s our contact info. Reach out anytime.





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