Social Media for Health and Wellness Professionals - Is It Worth Your Time?

If you’ve perused the other pages on this website you likely saw the following phrases:

"You won’t need to spend most of your time on social media”

“You won’t have to fritter away your life on Twitter”

“You won’t have to sell your soul to Facebook”

You may be wondering, “I thought social media was the BEST place for me to market my business? Why does this woman hate social media so much? Doesn’t she know that it’s 2021?”

Let me explain. First, I don’t hate social media (entirely 😆). What I DO hate is the common belief amongst many marketers and small business owners that marketing on social media is the ONLY way to get the word out about a business. Too many entrepreneurs have been misled into believing that spending thousands on Google ads, Facebook ads, etc is by far the best way to get in front of new clients and increase sales.

So what if I told you that there’s a way to market your business that’s 40x more effective at acquiring new clients than Facebook? AND, that this magical marketing tool won’t cost more than $50 a month (it might even be FREE when you’re just getting started)? No, it’s not cold calling potential clients or standing on a busy street corner with a homemade sign. The secret: email.


Despite all of the algorithms and fancy-schmancy technology that big-tech employs to garner your ad impressions online, email marketing - when employed properly - is still the absolute best way to get in front of people and turn prospects into paying clients.

Now, make no mistake - social media is a valuable tool in promoting your business. But that’s all it should be - A tool. Not the entire toolbox. You shouldn’t be spending the majority of your ad budget or your valuable time on social media when there are more effective ways to market your health and wellness practice. Strategically utilizing the power of social media as part of a more well-rounded marketing plan is going to get you the biggest bang for your buck…while also keeping more bucks in you bank account.

How much time every week do you spend on social media? Have you seen a valuable return on your marketing investment? Let me know in the comments below.

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