Post-Pandemic Tips for Getting Clients Back in the Door

With most states now offering vaccines to all adults, many people are finally starting to feel safe and comfortable reengaging in their favorite pre-pandemic activities.

If your health and wellness business has been forced to transition to an online capacity or if you’ve kept your brick-and-mortar operation open but have seen a reduction in bookings, we’ve got some tips below to help you get clients back in the door.

  1. Share Your Vaccine Status. If you have been vaccinated and you feel comfortable publicly sharing that information, send an email out to clients letting them know. This may be especially comforting for clients of those practitioners who are unable to social distance while providing their services (ie: massage therapists, acupuncturists, etc).

  2. Remind Clients of Your Cleanliness and Safety Standards. Over the past year plus, it seems as if every business has sent an email to their customers outlining the steps they are taking to limit virus exposure. That being said, if you are just reopening or need to get clients back in the door, offering a detailed update on what you are doing to keep your office, studio or practice clean can help clients rest assured that - even with vaccines - you aren’t letting pandemic fatigue cause a lapse in your safety standards.

  3. Be Honest About the Pandemic’s Impact on Your Business. Very few businesses made it through 2020 without suffering some kind of negative impact. Be honest with your clients about how the pandemic has affected your business. Let me be clear: you are not looking for pity or guilt-bookings here. Just be straightforward: let your clients know that you need them to come back and you are willing to do whatever it takes to make that happen. That leads us to our next tip…

  4. Offer Discounts and Promotions on Anything and Everything. The prospect of selling your services for a deep, deep discount sounds counterintuitive when you are struggling to keep the lights on, but the cold hard fact is 50% of your normal fee is better than 0% because you have no bookings. Be creative here and don’t just offer a tiny discount. Incentivize an existing client to come back and bring a friend for free with a BOGO. Offer group classes that are limited to a client and perhaps 2 or 3 of their closest friends. Consider a discount program, where a client receives 25% off their next 5 sessions and then receives their 6th for free. Your goal here is to make your offer so compelling, it’s too good to pass up.

  5. Send a Survey. If you’ve got a robust email list or social media following of clients who interact with your brand, consider sending a survey out to gauge the new wants and needs of your clients moving forward into the so-called “new normal". Not only will clients feel that their opinions are valued and you are taking their needs into consideration, the results can help you formulate marketing strategies and rework your business model if necessary. Instead of scratching your head and wondering what it will take to get clients to return in person just ask them! Encourage responses by offering a valuable gift card (enough to cover one session) to your practice for the best 3 replies.

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