Most Common Google Searches About Yoga - 12 Search Terms to Inform Your Marketing

Last week we blogged about the most commonly searched for wellness related terms online. In that post, we mentioned how critical it is to be aware of these very specific terms so you are able to more accurately target your marketing.

Today, we turn our attention to yoga! Whether you are an independent teacher or a studio owner, keep these search terms in mind the next time you write a blog post, create content for social media or update your website.

Top 12 Yoga Search Terms

  • Yoga for beginners

  • Yoga for runners

  • Yoga for seniors

  • Yoga and mental health

  • Yoga versus pilates

  • Which yoga is best for weight loss?

  • Why yoga is good for mental health?

  • How yoga reduces stress

  • What yoga does for your body

  • Can yoga help with anxiety?

  • Can yoga help with back pain?

  • Will yoga make me more flexible?

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