Inactivity - Move It or Lose It

As we inch closer and closer to a return to normality, many of us are looking in the mirror and seeing, well, a bit more to love. Numerous studies and surveys have been released in recent weeks indicating that the average American has definitely packed on a few pounds during the pandemic. Just how much weight have we gained? Study results vary wildly and indicate an average gain of anywhere between 7 to 29 pounds.

All of those extra LB’s can’t be entirely written off due to stress eating banana bread, though. With gyms being closed and many of us unable to participate in our favorite events like marathons, bike races and even hiking with friends, inactivity has contributed significantly to our collective weight gain. But how bad is our sedentary lifestyle, exactly?

Did you know that inactivity is the fourth leading cause of death, worldwide? And that 1.5 billion people are so inactive they are risking their long-term health? (Global Wellness Institute). In fact, numerous years-old studies indicate that sitting all day at a desk is actually worse for your health than smoking.

As a wellness professional, it likely doesn’t surprise you that a sedentary lifestyle can also cause the following (source MedlinePlus):

  • Lose of muscle strength and endurance

  • Weaker bones

  • Slower metabolism

  • Less effective immune system

  • Poor blood circulation

  • Inflammation

  • Hormonal imbalances

The good news? Gyms and other fitness centers report that new memberships are up nearly 20%, while visits from existing members are up nearly 50%. Beyond that, many yoga studios are finally reopening for in-person classes, a fair amount of marathons and other races are scheduled to move forward as planned, and vaccinated folks are finally being told it's ok to be outside sans mask.

Tell us, what are your favorite tips to encourage and motivate your clients to get a move on? Have you seen an increase in calls from clients looking for a weight-loss regime? Let us know in the comments below!

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