Help! My Clients Have Traded Me in for a YouTube Channel!

At this point, it goes without saying that life has been….well…different (understatement of the century?) over the past year plus. We’ve all had to make adjustments to our lifestyles and our budgets and, as a result, a lot of life in general has shifted online. Many of us have stumbled upon great videos, blogs and other online resources to help get us through the dark days.

BUT, what do you do if your health and wellness practice is based on in-person counseling or instruction and you discover that a lot of your clients have turned to free videos on YouTube to fill the void? Many of your clients will be desperate to return in person but what about those who now think “I love this yoga instructor/wellness coach/dietician/herbalist/etc that I found online! He/she is great, I find a lot of value in their videos, I can practice or learn anytime I want from the privacy of my own home and its FREE!”. How do you overcome that and encourage clients to turn off the Tube?

  1. Focus on the Personalization. Online classes and instructional videos are intended to appeal to the largest number of people possible; while this is absolutely fine in certain circumstances, these classes are limited by their very nature and these practitioners simply cannot provide personalized feedback, instruction or advice. Remind your clients of the value you provide by being right there with them in-person. Consider offering packages that provide an even greater level of personalization. Your goal is to offer what’s impossible to find online.

  2. Offer Private In-Person Classes. If you were primarily offering group based classes prior to the pandemic and you find that many clients are hesitant to return, consider offering private classes for a limited time. Offer a “Friends and Family” package and encourage clients to bring a companion along. This is a great opportunity for you to get existing clients back in the door while also presenting your services to a new audience.

  3. Sell Live Online Classes. While some folks cannot wait to return to Before Times, many people are still extremely hesitant about resuming what were their normal daily activities. If you find that offering private classes is still not bringing enough clients back in-person, consider producing your own online classes. Offer these classes live to reinforce the personalized nature of your service. And, of course, charge a fee for these classes that is commensurate with your normal rates.

What feedback are you hearing from your clients? Are they looking forward to returning? What objections do they have about coming back to the office, studio, etc? Let us know in the comments below.

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