Happy National Herbalist Day! Blog Ideas and Free Social Media Posts to Download for Herbalists

Today, April 17th, is Herbalist Day! According to the World Health Organization, 80% of the world’s population now uses herbal remedies and Americans spend around $20 billion per year on these treatments (by contrast, Americans also spend $200 billon prescription drugs 🤦🏼‍♀️…).

If you’re a practicing herbalist looking for some easy ideas to freshen up your blog or social media, look no further. Below are some of our favorite concepts to inspire and help you fill up your marketing calendar.

Blog Post Ideas

  1. Favorite Recipes. Recipes are one of the most popular searches online today and every herbalist has at least a few great recipes for teas, power salads and spice blends that would be perfect to share. Be sure to include recipes that have easily sourced ingredients and save the more uncommon and in-depth combinations for paying clients.

  2. Seasonal Spotlight. Once a month, pick a remedy that is particularly seasonal (cold and flu season, allergy season, etc) and post about it. Not only is this information valuable to readers (and potential clients), but the current nature of the post will make the SEO-gods very happy.

  3. Myth Bust. If any industry is filled with misinformation, it’s herbalism. The good news for you is that this provides ample potential blog opportunities and makes for a great series. This is also a great place for you to highlight your credentials and case studies.

  4. Do’s and Don’ts. Another commonly Googled search revolves around what prescription medications do and don’t mix with herbal remedies. This, too, makes for a fantastic blog series, and another excellent opportunity for your highlight testimonials and client success stories.

  5. Building an Herbal Medicine Chest. A fun blog post series that is sure to increase repeat traffic to your site is a series on Building an Herbal Medicine Chest. Offer up one mainstay herb per week along with the remedies it provides and you could easily have a 12-part series. Be sure to offer readers the chance to hire you to create a custom herbal medicine chest for them. If you’re interested in running a promotion, this would also be a terrific giveaway.

Instagram Posts

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