5 Easy Blog Post Ideas for Health and Wellness Professionals Guaranteed to Get you Past Your Writers

Anyone who has ever written anything knows that writer’s block can be one of the most creatively crippling feelings in the world. Adding to the stress of not knowing what to write is the fact that consistency in blogging is the key to success, and having a deadline rarely helps the average writer get the creative juices flowing.

What’s a busy health and wellness practitioner to do when you need to load your blog with content NOW but have absolutely no clue what to write? Keep it simple. Not every blog post needs to feature in depth research and cutting edge insights. Purely promotional posts are fine, as are humorous and light-hearted missives.

Below we’ve laid out our 5 top ideas for easy blogs posts when you just can’t get over your writers block.

  1. Client Success Stories. If you’ve been in business long enough, you most likely have at least one or two happy clients who would be delighted to let you share their success story on your blog. Not only does this cross the blog post off your list, it also adds credibility to your business and even has the potential to garner you “free” advertising if your client/subject chooses to share the post on their social media.

  2. Funny Misconceptions About Your Industry. Every single industry has common misconceptions related to its professionals, perhaps none more than the health and wellness industry. Consider writing a post that lists a few of these falsehoods and then debunk them. Using humor here is a great way to show readers just how relatable and down to earth you really are.

  3. Shine a Spotlight on Holidays and Unique Days. In addition to the well-known federal holidays, there is a seemingly endless list of awareness months and days that are great for stimulating blog post ideas (National Strawberry Day, anyone?). Check out our list of Health and Wellness Holidays here.

  4. A Q & A of Commonly Asked Questions. If you find that you are constantly asked the same questions over and over about your practice or speciality, this is a great place to answer a few of them. Keep the list between 4 and 6 questions and don’t over-elaborate on the answers. If you find you have a lot of common questions to select from, this topic also makes an excellent blog post series.

  5. Ask A Question of Your Readers. If you’ve got a fun or truly puzzling trivia question about your industry, post it and ask your readers to leave their answer in the comments for a chance to win a small prize. The following week, answer the question in a new blog post. Again, this makes a great post series that allows you to connect directly with your readers and can also fill in on those days when you are short on time and ideas.

Just remember...keep it simple and don't stress about it being perfect!

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