The Mini BrandTransformation

Best for: Quick fixes.

Let’s solve one of your biggest problems today, shall we? 

  • You’ve got zero traffic flowing to your website

  • You’re nowhere to be found on Google

  • The people who do visit your website don’t follow through with a booking

  • You spend way too much time on social media trying to market your business

  • You spend way too much money on social media trying to market your business


So let me help you get started in the right direction today. 


Richten Consulting’s Mini Brand Transformation was made for independent health and wellness practitioners who are struggling to market their business and generate consistent income.


Over the course of just one week we will:


  • Elevate your SEO so you actually get found on Google 

  • Remove distractions on your website that are increasing your bounce rate (hint: you’ll never guess this common mistake)

  • Re-write the copy and update the graphics on your website so once potential clients land there, they’re convinced they’ve found the best practitioner

  • Incentivize clients to immediately book with you, without offering them a discount, and make it easy for them to do it

  • And finally, we’ll create a plan to get more repeat business that books regularly


What would just 2 additional, regular clients every week mean for your bottom line? 


Perhaps it would mean being able to take a few classes and obtain that certification you’ve been wanting to earn for years. Maybe it would mean being able to attend events like marathons or wellness fairs and having the opportunity to personally introduce your service to thousands of prospective clients all at once. Maybe it would mean being able to open your own office or studio at the hottest location in town instead of renting a room from the creepy guy in the ugly building with the bad parking lot. Or maybe, just MAYBE, it would mean a much-needed vacation where you can actually relax, because you finally feel confident that things are on the right track. And even better than the right track: things are GREAT.


I want you to feel that kind of positive energy when you wake up every day and go to work, building your dream.


So when you work with us to do a Mini Brand Transformation we won’t just help you get more confidence with your newly thriving web presence, we’ll also help you get more confident in the way you present your expertise to others:


  • What you say about it

  • How you differentiate it

  • How to make people care


Plus, when you sign up for a Mini Brand Transformation, you’ll also get our Mini Blog Boost, absolutely free

Right now, the Mini Brand Transformation, and Mini Blog Boost will only take one week to complete, and will only cost a fraction of our regular services. 


Our Signature Transformation package starts at $4,800 for a complete overhaul that lasts a solid 8 weeks. 


But if you sign up today, you can sprinkle some instant magic Google dust on your practice with our Mini Brand Transformation and you can get results in just one week for just one payment of $480 today, and one payment of $480 when we finish. 


Let’s get together and do a Mini Brand Transformation on your practice, so you can start getting found on Google, get more clicks on your website, get more clients to book, and get your advertising dollars OFF of social media, all by making some simple, but empowering, changes to your strategy. 

It’ll only take one week. 

And all you have to do to get started is submit a 50% deposit in the amount of $480 to reserve your space.

When you book, you’ll simply indicate which Monday you’d like to begin, submit your deposit, and then you’ll receive a confirmation receipt from us automatically. At that point, we’ll reach out to schedule a call and get you set-up for our week of marketing metamorphosis! 


After all, marketing doesn’t have to be hard, expensive or disingenuous. It just has to be done. 


And turns out?


We know exactly what to do.


P.S. Want to talk to us first before you book? Sure thing! Here’s our contact info. Reach out anytime. 





Phone: 844-956-2950