You know what’s the worst? 

When you try so hard to drum up business for your health and wellness practice - but then prospective clients end up calling their unqualified cousin Penelope for free advice (argh!), so you waste ALL DAY on social media trying to figure out how much money you should give Facebook to get the word out about how great you are, and when you finally get a qualified lead, they end up wanting a huge discount, leaving you totally defeated. 


What’s a health and wellness professional to do? 


It doesn’t matter that you could teach a piece of concrete how to do the perfect Eight-Angle Pose! And you have a secret nutrition plan for rapid weight loss that actually works! And a proprietary blend of essential oils that will soothe the most savage of beasts!


Alas, the dirty, low-down truth is this: the best health and wellness practitioners - the truly compassionate and innovative pros - are always going to struggle with finding new clients and generating consistent income, getting passed over for someone’s boyfriend’s cousin who teaches one yoga class a year and can’t tell the difference between organic and non-organic produce. But, “that’s ok”, you say! I don’t want a client who would choose cousin Penelope anyway. I want to work with clients that are as dedicated to surrendering themselves to the wellness journey as I am. The right people will find me, when it’s the right time!


But, are you so sure?


Because here’s what we often see happen with our clients:

  • They spend a ton of money making their physical space  this soothing, nurturing place to be, but their online presence gets thrown into a (well-meaning) junk yard full of “when I get to its”

  • They have no idea how to successfully market themselves and - as is common in independent businesses - don’t have the time (or the help) to figure it out. As a result, it never gets done or…

  • They DO try their hand at marketing, only to end up spending way too much time and money on a bunch of random different things that don’t work

  • They feel turned off by marketing in general, feeling like “sleazy” marketing doesn’t coincide with the wholesome business they are trying to build and they have no idea how to promote their business in a way they can feel good about


And you know what that means? 


  • Entirely depending on word-of-mouth referrals to grow your business and offering deep discounts in order to secure those referrals as new clients

  • Spending too much time worrying about how to get more clients and not being fully present with the ones you do have

  • Selling your soul to Facebook because “everyone” says that’s the only way to successfully promote a business now and you don’t know what else to do (yes, FB ads do bring in business, but is that business actually earning you a profit, or are you breaking even?)

  • Ending up with a stressful and painstaking business that’s stressful and painstaking in ways it doesn’t have to be, so long as you know how to do a few things right

This is precisely why we got into business: because we know that we can fix all of that, and more. 

We’re an online marketing company that specializes in independent health and wellness practices, and we know two things to be true: 

  1. You don’t have a huge budget to spend on big, expensive marketing agencies in order to compete; 

  2. You don’t have a lot of time to spend learning how to market your business in order to compete. 


But what do we have? 



A conversation, comprised of words AND images, is the one thing that can be changed quickly, at little cost, with marginal effort and dramatically change the outcome of your marketing. Right or wrong, human beings “judge a book by its cover” and the words and images you put on a page will determine whether or not someone decides to work with you…or pass you over.


Because that’s the thing, isn’t it? All you need to do is convince a client to try your service one time. Once they meet you, they’ll likely become repeat clients, returning for regular treatments, consultations, etc. and happily tell all of their friends and family how much you helped them. And those word-of-mouth client referrals you’re relying on now? They’ll become a part of your growing clientele and not the whole thing.

So that’s why we’ve developed what we call an “Inspired Transformation.” At first blush, this seems overwhelming who wants to totally transform their business?! But rather, the concept here is simple: you don’t have to spend hours trying to figure out how to advertise your business, you don’t have to invest in all sorts of new and expensive marketing techniques you can’t afford, and you don’t have to sacrifice your ethics to market and grow your practice. 


All you need to do is change the conversation.


Marketing Consultant

I’m Kimberly, and I’m the proud founder of Richten Consulting. (Hi!)


Naturally, it all started with a needle. An acupuncture needle, to be precise. I was in need of a treatment and began researching acupuncturists near me, when I quickly discovered…I didn’t have much to research.


Most of the online listings I came upon were the equivalent of a phone book: a name, a phone number and not much else. And those that did have a website where I could dig a little deeper? Well, they all seemed…the same. Outdated, unprofessional, and entirely lacking in the information I was after.


I had no idea how to make a decision. 


Furthermore, every option felt like a risk. 


So I ended up doing what is entirely too common: I abandoned my search for an acupuncturist and instead booked a massage at a national franchise because it seemed like the safer choice. 


And that got me thinking. 

I couldn’t be alone.


How many others had done the same thing as me? How many people had searched for someone in the health and wellness industry and abandoned their search because they judged the professionalism of the provider based on their website? 


And so that’s when I began researching what options were out there specifically for health and wellness practitioners to market themselves. As a marketing professional, naturally I was curious - and I was surprised to find that, for most of the little guys?


They’re on their own to figure it out.


They don’t have marketing people, and website people, and social media strategists. Hell, they’re lucky if they can remember to update their website (if they even have one) once a year. 


But, of course, all of those things require money. Lots of money. And lots of time. And most of these specialists - the ones who will provide the most soothing treatment, the most thoughtful care and the most robust practice - don’t have that kind of time or budget. 


That’s when I thought: what if there was a better way? What if I could create a system that would help them stand out from the crowd, showcase their credentials and make them the obvious choice, over and over again?


Enter: Richten Consulting. “Richten” means “to align” and that is my goal: to offer a new perspective on ethical marketing that guarantees more brand exposure by aligning with your values - not against them.


So if the above describes you and your independent health and wellness practice in any way?


I’m personally inviting you into a 5-Day “Nourish My Wellness Business Challenge”, where I’ll walk you through five things you can do today to get more exposure now - without having to pose half-nude with a bunch of peonies hanging out of your mouth, over the side of a cliff on Instagram. ;)


Five days.


Five ways.


I recommend that all new clients start here - you in?