You're Tired of Sacrificing Your Energy to Market Your Health and Wellness Business. But You Don't Know How to Reach Prospective Clients. It's Time You Met Richten Consulting. 

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For Health and Wellness Professionals Who Want to Help More Clients, Richten Consulting Offers a New Perspective on Ethical Marketing That Guarantees More Brand Exposure by Aligning With Your Values - Not Against Them.

Cultivate Your Business

(Without Cyber-Stalking

Potential Clients)

The only way most marketers know how to promote a business these days is by surrendering to big-tech and cyber stalking potential clients all around the internet. That may work great for certain industries, but if you’re a health and wellness professional who offers a more wholesome service, those tactics are likely unappealing and confusing to say the least. What else to do? ARE there any other ways to market your services now? Do you have to rely on ethically questionable social media companies? You need to nourish your business and reach more clients. But…how? Enter: Richten Consulting. 


Elevate Your Profits, Blindfolded

Our fresh approach to modern marketing transforms your business from average, potentially overlooked and under-performing into a thriving practice that generates consistent income. We specialize in marketing plans that help your health and wellness business flourish without needing to spend most of your budget on expensive advertising, most of your time on social media and most of your energy wondering what to do next. The result? A prosperous, growing practice that allows you to be present with your clients while we shine the spotlight on what you do best. 


(And Relax Knowing Your Marketing is Empowering Your Business, While You Empower Your Clients)

Things you can stop worrying about: feeling guilty for not having the time or ability to market yourself successfully; feeling shame at having a sparse clientele; frustration at spending more time marketing your business than you do helping clients; and stress from not knowing how to generate consistent income. Instead, enjoy a thriving business that allows you the time to focus on your real passion: empowering your clients and helping them live their healthiest lives. Simplify, and rest assured that your marketing is working for you - not the other way around. 

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It Doesn't Have to Be as Complicated as You Think

You won’t have to log into Instagram and post picture-perfect photos of your downward facing dog, you won’t have to fritter away your life on Twitter and you won’t have to sell your soul to Facebook. You won’t have to pay a crazy amount for a confusing and overwhelming class that attempts to teach you how to market yourself but just leaves you more bewildered. You won’t even need to know what SEO, PPC or CTA means. (Let alone what to do with any of it!) All you have to do is put our years of experience to work and watch as your bookings go up and your stress levels go down. Because who doesn’t want more money and less headaches? Let Richten Consulting do the heavy lifting for you.